Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/18/09, Shibuya O-WEST: Chemical Pictures, Skull, born, OZ, Lulu, Nega

Post got eaten by Firefox, which has been crashing more than ever, by which I mean it has never crashed until the last couple of weeks.


I almost forgot we had a show! I should probably talk about that.

West is a huge stage, but by Japanese standards; I'm used to 200-cap live houses so I sort of had a hard time getting into the groove, but apparently it was okay. Fan reaction was good and I've received some sweet messages already. More foreigners than usual; keep comin'! :)

James came, which was neat. With foreigners I've met through work I tend to be hesitant to invite them to come see me play, but James works in music professionally (well, video, really) so I'm glad he can come see me in not-a-blonde-wig. And also, playing for real.

Karyu came as well, which was really nice of him and unexpected. I need to stress just how nice and grounded D'Ray are. They are good people.

Also got introduced to Michiru (Mask, Aioria, S to M), who is easy to pick out of a crowd but otherwise unassuming, pleasant and business-like, and I think he assumed I couldn't speak Japanese or something, but he was nice. My manager knows everyone apparently.

We are currently working on getting Praparat available for sale to you over-the-ocean peeps! I'm sorry it's taking this long. No one expected the interest this has generated so far and our management hasn't dealt with this sort of thing before so please be patient just a little while longer;;

Here's a picture of the CD and DVD:

Next is my first show at Rokumeikan. Hope I meet a ghost!


Ito said...

I hate it when your posts get eaten. It's happened to me a couple times. I know there is a plug-in so that firefox will save the forms, but I don't remember what it is, I will have to do some digging.

I hope you find time to type more up about the concert later, I was really excited to hear about this one.

Also, I can not wait for Praparat. Seriously. This is the most time I have listened to a preview of a song ever XD

Geoff said...

Man you're so cool. I wish I could've met OZ, I love them. And will the single be a physical copy or a digital copy like D'ray has done before?(which I believe is once, but still).

liath said...

*waiting patiently*


kagitsune said...

Ghosts at Rock May Kan? I know that place has some history (even though it's a basement xD Love it tho), but are there ghost rumors, too?

Can't wait to buy the new siiingle! 8D Thank you so much for working so hard to make it available to us non-Japan fans! ^o^/

Arithmetica said...

Can't wait for the single!

zytroop said...

Doesn't blogger auto save posts as drafts pretty often?

I hope people will actually buy the single once it's all prepped for overseas.

ken said...

D'ray are an awesome bunch of guys, I hope I have the chance to run into em again someday. I didn't know Michiru was still active on the indie "scene" he still doing Mask?

Go said...

"No one expected the interest this has generated so far and our management hasn't dealt with this sort of thing before"

you're getting credit for that, right? 'cos that's all you, baby! :)

sadboyinsnow said...

Thanks for working to make Praparat available we greatly appreciate everyone's efforts:)