Friday, September 04, 2009


Here it is, the cover for our first single, Praparat.

It's funny; over the recording process I got very familiar with the lyrics to the lead song and it's neat to see some of those ideas reflected on this jacket.

I also saw a mock-up of the whole CD case--the pictures printed on the discs themselves, the booklet, the back--man. I did something. Well, I mean, I didn't do anything; just, someone realized our silly little ideas and made it into something we can hold.

We are working hard on a way to make this available for purchase overseas and we're pretty close!

Also, today I previewed the music video, and maybe I'm biased but I think it looks really awesome, considering the constraints we were under for it. :3


kerii said...

Can't WAIT for this!! I totally want to see the video!

cryptomayhem said...

It's exciting that the single is gettin' close to release!

Just think, when yer old and wrinkly, and have a million grandchildren, and they ask "Grandpa, what did you do when you were young?"

You can smile slowly, hold up the single, and say "I.... was in a BAND!"

And they'll look at the single, and ask why you looked like a girl. :P

Jen said...

That looks really, really neat. =D

I can't wait for the PV to come out; I haven't heard CP's stuff yet, so seeing the PV will be my sampling time.

I guess I'd be able to find it on youtube in a while? =3

liath said...

That's really a beautiful cover design, it's so elegantly arranged and the colours are very dream-like . Gettin' even more excited about this CD :)

Kataomoi said...

I don't get the cover--seems a lot of VK covers are becoming an existential photoshop brush canvas. Maybe I'll understand better with a lyric translation, like you inferred. Really am quite excited!

Shizuka said...

yeah oversea oversea~<3<3<3<3

Silv said...

How do you think the overseas sales will stack with the domestic what with the overseas VK scene vacuuming stuff up?

kagitsune said...

YES!! I will buy this as soon as it's available in the US! \^o^/

Daniel said...

Looks great!