Saturday, September 26, 2009


Wanna sell some stuffffffffffff


Dir en grey - Gauze
Dir en grey - Macabre
Dir en grey - Kisou
Dir en grey - Vulgar
L'arc en ciel - Singles Collection
all $30 + shipping

Dir en grey - Six Ugly
$25 + shipping

Also news on overseas sales of Praparat soon >_< We just came out of a string of national holidays so I'm sorry for all the delays!


Mini Evil Kiwi said...

Is that $30 for all or each? lol
What kind of condition are the books in?
Let me know~! Thanks! m(_ _)m

Tiger said...

I'm interested in the GAUZE book. :o Been looking for that one, hoho.

Elec said...

Mini Evil Kiwi: 30 each, haha. Sorry.
The Dir en grey ones are in splendid condition, except the Macabre one is missing a couple of stickers from the sticker page for some reason. The L'arc one, being older, looks older, but it's not, like, mangled or anything. :)

Tiger: Fantastic! If you could email me at jimi (dot) aoma (at) I'd appreciate it. ^^/

Teppong said...

i'm interested in KISOU O.O maybe MACABRE also, but i might buy that later if it's still around, but i'm mainly eyeing KISOU

Go said...

don't forget to tell everyone that those books all have a bunch of nice color photos and stickers inside, plus the tab is not just guitar, it's also got bass, keys, drums...

I've got two "Gauze"s (bought the second one with the intention of cutting off the binding and running it through an automatic scanner but never had the gumption to actually try it...) so if you have to turn anyone away, Jimi, lemme know ^_^

Holy shit, they're $38-$45 on ebay! w00t.

Mini Evil Kiwi said...

I'll take the L'arc one! Uh, I guess I'll email you!