Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dumb news

Live report forthcoming--great show--but let's get the stupid news out of the way.

Tonight was Shota's last show with us. After our next show on the 4th, Schwarz is leaving the band. We will be doing the 2 in-stores as a 3-piece. And we have no lives planned between then and 3/14/10.

That said, we'll try our best to resume activities ahead of schedule.

Report, and my thoughts, later.

Flowers from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, to us. Why? you may ask. Well,


Renan Rocha said...

whyyyy they're leeeaving?? O.O

Evan said...

BtSSB?! Oh no...

cryptomayhem said...

Oh crap.... the new costumes are Baby, aren't they?

Oh. Dear. God.

Shizuka said...

Oh i can see fluffy costumes right in front of my eyes x__X

And judging from the piece Tenten showed in his blog... they are somewhat black+pink XD

+ a noooooooooooooooooooooo T__T
for Schwarz's leaving.

liath said...

that is dumb news.........but you'll all survive! And you'll go on being awesome! And CP will also go on being awesome!

If the new costumes are frilly or they dress you up as a girl, I will just weep, Jimi....WEEP I TELLS YA!

Xelyna said...


kagitsune said...

...You're first single is barely out and you're already losing members? ;_;

And, as much as I've liked baby in the past, I didn't really like their costume designs for Versailles last year. Only Hizaki and Yuki came out looking classy...

And I'm sorry to say, but their design and material quality is going down the toilet.

But enough about frilly dresses, are you guys going to pick up some new members, soon??