Thursday, September 24, 2009

oh wait

Sales of Praparat are exceeding expectations, so. There's that.

Lots to talk about. First sleep, work, tell you.


Evan said...

I'm holding off my next internet order until CP's single is available!! Hurry! Well, I suppose it'd go withmy preorder of Deluhi, so you have at least until that release date to make it available for me.

Ito said...

Evan, you should order two copies so then we can split shipping or something XD

Evan said...

sure thing. I've got several other releases to add to the order, but I'd be glad to include yours.

liath said...

*waiting patiently*
Sleep well spiky-haired angel-boy
and don't work too hard LOL.

So cool that the single sales are going well, that's really good news!

Jinx☆ said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that at least sales are good. But you've got me curious for this update. Hopefully it's good news with the member hokey pokey?