Wednesday, September 09, 2009


At Shibuya AX right now with James, bassist from the Tommy band.

(Picture is Shota
n me from Narciss)

Seein' a band I saw in San Francisco in...'04? Riz was there! And the back of me was briefly in the subsequent DVD.

More later, very, very thankful you guys like 15 seconds of Praparat. :-P


Shizuka said...


It's just 12secs + 4secs thinking

"Aah! Why did they..oh Tenten's saying something.."

And..concrats for making it on a DVD! That may be considered as the first step into the business! XD

Anonymous said...

James to the power of two!

'05, my friend :] Good times. It's going to be a whole 'nother thing to see the boys now.

CP's new clip is fucking great, I'm so stoked on it!

zytroop said...

I was thinking (and you've probably head it a billion times), quite a few indies bands are on cdjapan, including both of Smell's releases. Wouldn't that be the the easiest way for you to make the cd available overseas?