Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CP cocktail

I forgot to mention.
Cyber does this thing sometimes where each band or certain members create a unique cocktail for the bar to serve. They give us this big list of spirits and stuff that they have, ask us what sort of taste we want it to have, what color, blah blah blah... here's how that went.

Staff: "Have you made your way through the options?"

Joe: "Do you have pint glasses?"

Staff: "Pint glass?"

Joe: "Yeah. The Chemical Pictures cocktail is a cold beer. ^_^"

Staff: "...just beer?"

The Rest of Us: "..."

Joe: "...you can put in a little tequila I guess. o_o'"

cp cocktail is the best cocktail out of all the band cocktails that have ever been cocktailed


cryptomayhem said...

Wow... I drank 3 CPS cocktails last night while reading.

Minus the tequila.


Lisa said...

That's better than if he said Cocktail Helper* in a shot glass was the CP cocktail.

*I could get soooo drunk on that - I'm a sucker for fruity sweet booze.

Kataomoi said...

LOL Surprisingly enough for the staff, not all VK shows have to have complete host influnce.

Jinx☆ said...

LOL I agree. Nothing beats a good beer. XD

Shizuka said...

You guys are so..genius!

liath said...

Are you sure Joe ain't secretly half Irish? I'm just saying because it's very like something one of my fellow countrymen would say.

sadboyinsnow said...

So, what is the preferred beer of Chemical Pictures?