Monday, September 21, 2009

More on 9/18

Ito asked if I had any other thoughts about the West show.

I do, actually. And I've been having these thoughts ever since our show at Cyber, and then Boxx.

For those two shows, we were playing with bands unlike us. It's the light, easy-to-understand and easy-to-get-into music for the modern Visual age. For West, it was all the drop-D heaviness bands, and they do what they do very, very well, and the audience goes absolutely bonkers.

I watched from the balcony after our set, with Karyu and James. It's inspiring, and I wonder if we ARE getting those reactions and I'm just too distracted to notice, or we're not quite solid yet, or what.

That said, though, people start moshing wall-to-wall across the entire front of the live house when we play our up-tempo 12-bar-blues pop song, so. So I guess even in a genre chock-full of unabashed musical cliches, there's still so much you can't predict about what people will enjoy across different bands, even if they're doing the same things.

And then I get really nice messages out of the blue, from all over the world, and it gives me a little hope.

hahahaha wait until you see these new costumes haaahahaha


skagirlie said...

The first time I saw you guys, I fell in love. I honestly had no idea what to expect, and you more than delivered. I danced. I sang. I got goofy looks. I had a great time and a new favorite band.

The second time I saw you guys, I was blown away again. The set was heavier. Tenten was less animated, but Schwarz was over animated. It was almost like seeing a different band, but in a good way.

The third time I saw you guys was a couple months later at the oneman. The set felt heavy all around, even though there were lighter bits. Don't worry, I had a super fun time, and still can't hear the phrase "stand by me" without uncontrollably singing it for the next 5 minutes.

The point of this? I think you guys fit in across the board more than you think. Honestly, I thought it was weirder to see your name with Dog and co.

Silv said...

The crowd was going apeshit when I saw you guys at Mosaic. That's all I know.