Thursday, September 17, 2009


We're playing with born, skull, oz, nega, and lulu tmr and I'm worried about fan reaction. We're no crazy heavy band and we either play with those or light cute bands. I think we stick out but not necessarily in a good way yet.

If Sugar was still around, or Moran weren't pausing, that might be a better fit, but their atmosphere is much more confident.

Hope we hit a stride sometime!


Lemon said...

I think you guys will do fine. You aren't like most bands, but at least from what I've heard of your stuff you've still got some heavy elements that fans of these bands can rock to.

cryptomayhem said...

One of the shows I was at, you played with Dio, and another one of them heavy bands (Can't remember which one).... and from a crowd point of view, the whole joint was rockin'! I didn't see anyone not into you guys... or at least intrigued. :P Keep your chin up, and have fun! :D