Monday, March 16, 2009

Live Report 3/14/09, Shimokitazawa Mosaic: Chemical Pictures

What a night.


Masami, making last-minute changes to our MTR.


How terrified I look!

We met up a couple of hours before entrance time to get our rental cars, loaded up the equipment, picked up our makeup girl, then tried to get to Mosaic on time. We were only a half-hour late, but even then it was beginning to look like there was no way we'd start the show on time. We dodged the girls doing irimachi, Tenten took their presents, and we headed into makeup.


This is our roadie, Uta, in charge of the tedious task of strawifying our stage water bottles.

We had an intense, 2-hour sound check, where we did a lot of fine-tuning, and since it was a one-man, we were able to make very specific requests to the PA girl, who was stellar, and the lighting guy, who was spot-on.

Head into final hair/makeup check and somehow we actually managed to start almost on time!

The set started out with a projector playing a countdown over the Chemical Pictures logo and that pretty guitar piece. As it got to 10, the crowd started counting down along with it. Schwarz's guitar squealed the intro to the heavier intro, and the screen dropped, revealing us in the sparkly sunglasses. Tenten came out in the middle of it and the crowd got even more wild.

Tenten is quite the performer, getting much more involved with the crowd than I've ever seen a vocalist get in this genre. He was pretty worried about me before we went on, just because I seemed so nervous, but to be honest once I get out on the stage I'm perfectly fine.

That said, though, the place was jam-packed to capacity! We had to actually cut down the guest list because tons of people were showing up. It had sold out in January but then they added more tickets and then those sold out too. There were two guys with video cameras on either extreme end of the stage, one foreign photographer from a particular foreign magazine, and fans were squished all the way up to the front. No press pit, no dividing bar, just the stage and then people. Tenten would frequently just seem to walk into the crowd, and they loved it.


Masami looked like he was having a blast; Joe really stepped into his new crazy character, and Schwarz was smolderingly cool.


During one of the MC's, Tenten spoke about how he and Joe were from the same hometown. He talked about Masami helping out, he talked about Schwarz being a prodigy, and then he said "and Jimi... well, just look at him, you know what's up." He mentioned my appearances in Tommy's videos and that got them going too. :)

The MC's that night were pretty serious in nature, as it had been quite awhile since his last time on stage. I thought he was a good speaker, which sometimes is not the case with vocalists and MC's.

I have never played material as heavy as "In My Dream" or "Suffering" before, and that was such a rush! Everyone was bouncing all around that tiny, tiny stage. At one point Tenten dived into the audience, which felt good to me because there's no way any normal VK venue would have allowed that.


Oh, and I managed to catch a cold THE DAY before the thing, so bad that my voice barely came out. Through various means I managed to be able to sing, but only barely... I really wish I'd been in tip-top shape, but them kids and their germs...!

It was really nice to have hair/makeup staff, goods staff, a house staff, and a roadie for us. Made life so much easier. SO much easier. They were attending our every needs, and it reminded me a lot of my various acting/modeling gigs. I make sure to thank them profusely because they had to endure some of our silly requests.

We sold Polaroids again, this time THIRTY per member, and we had to sign/draw/write on them all. That took a long time too.

Tenten is, obviously, the most popular member, but as the show went on I heard an awful lot of "Jimi!" too. D:

Anyway, after our final song, the call for "encore!" went up almost immediately. We played Radiohead's "Creep" and "Pearl" by The Yellow Monkey.
And then we got called for another encore; we did "Suffering" and "Pureparato" again, and then out.


TONS of presents for Tenten, and lots of visitors, many in the shape of other bandmen bringing beer, which we sorely needed at that point! A couple of the guys from Rubik were there to say hello, as was Shunsuke from bis, Mika from Rentrer, and Ruvie's vocalist. The woman who collaborated with Tenten on the jewelry from Vanilla Edge is also the one who did the Flash on our website, and she's wonderful and it's been great to work with her and I was glad to hear the nice things she said about the performance. There were also all sorts of other important-looking people I didn't know and I just smiled and looked cute and said hello and thanks and stuff.

I had just played a two-hour set with no rest and yet I did not feel tired at all; only exhilirated. What a rare feeling. We changed, gathered all our stuff, dodged the demachi, and headed out.

So then here's our next live:

May 16, 2009 (Sat)
"Ishin-Kaiten Vol.17"
Shinjuku HOLIDAY
Open...16:00 Start... 16:30
Adv: 2800 yen, Day: 3300 (+drink)

・Chemical Pictures
・Drop Star shooting (ex.GHOST's Kousei's solo project)
・The Vambie

Tickets on sale from April 4th at CD HOLIDAY. You can yoyaku for any band except ours, apparently, for some reason... I'll figure out why in a coupla days. :)

Also, these live pictures are awesome can't wait for you to see them, but it won't be through me! :-*


Anonymous said...

Jimi, this is so fantastic! You're really making it! I'm just incredibly happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now but had never commented. I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy for you! I actually almost got a little emotional reading this for some reason haha. Like I said, I am very happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Glad the first show was so great :D hahah no dividing bar, how risky :p

Anonymous said...

I'm so thrilled for you!
And to think I've been reading this blog since you were a full time JET-er.... now you're a proper - proper Rock Star baby!!!

Go have a well deserved cup of tea and buy some CAKE! Then sleep off that cold :)
(ha ha I sound like my mum...)


PS: word verification is "singray" - how appropriate...
*boom boom*

Unknown said...

Aww, the 16th????

My wife and I are going to the Vidoll show at Blitz... damn!

At any rate, that place looked PACKED! I'm glad the show was rockin'!

Ito said...

This is awesome, you know that?

Ezra_is_a_SKETCH said...

Jimi, that's fucking sweet dude.
Have fun at the live with Siva, they're a bunch of awesome dudes.

Renan Rocha said...

duuude, this is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. and the next live is in Shunsuke's event, right? (he is the f*ckin' king, period!) and Ruvie's Temari! he is incredible too, i wonder if he has any new project in the works! you guys are already big, u know? Have high expectations on u!! gogogo jimi, kick some oriental @sses!!

Anonymous said...

Was the MTR for recording the event, or for providing backing tracks, or both?

Reila said...

Congrats, Elec!
I'm glad it went well for you :]


Evan Benner said...


Radiohead and The Yellow Monkey = SWEET. (well I'm not that big of a Radiohead fan quite yet, but I do like Creep)

Sounds like you guys made quite a splash, I look forward to actually being able to hear your guys' recorded works.

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. Congrats on the first live going so well!

Anonymous said...

Seriously excited for you and the band! I'm so happy you're having an awesome time! XD XD

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I'm glad your first live as part of Chemical Pictures worked out so well. :) Have fun at the next one!

Klisk said...

Congrats, you crazy bastard. :D

Ryan said...

Keep kicking ass, dude!

Anonymous said...

Awesome bro!

Anonymous said...

Glad it went so well, looking forward to the next report ;)

Go said...

that is some awesome muthafuckin' shit! but i liked the staff part best -- I want staff!!

Maria~ said...

am also one of those people who has followed your blog for ages and now I decide to comment - congrats on beeing so successfull! you deserve it, you seem like such a nice guy! rock on !

Anonymous said...

Glad it went so well, even if you snatched a cold.. all the best to you guys!! =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! Best of luck on the next one!

Anonymous said...

That report is just awesome, glad to know it went that well.
Now it makes me want to come back as soon as I can to Japan to see CP play!!!! (So that I can die happy after I finally saw Ten² standing on a stage :p well maybe not die yet, but he's one of my biggest inspirations since years so ^-^*;;;;)

And I'll just finish by saying you've become quite an inspiration to me somehow and I would love to see you stand on a stage too!!

Good luck for the next show and with CP(and everything else too! )

DSB said...

asdfa. This is so awesome. I'm really excited for you. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Ok so let's not beat around the bush. How many groupies did you get on that night?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that my word verification was "mando"

I find that very amusing.

Lemon said...

Sounds like you had a really fun show! I wish I could see you guys live! Maybe I will if you stick around for long enough ha ha...

Best of luck to Jimi and Chemical Pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Jimi! Things are sounding a whole lot busier than they were with Laverite! Congrats man!

Go said...

i also wish to hear about groupies.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I got really excited reading this live report! Good luck!

Bottle said...

Sounds amazing! Look forward to hearing about the next live too!

I was wondering which Aya you will be playing with? If it's hot grunge-chick AYA (亜矢) then I am MEGA JEALOUS- if it's anyone else, well then I don't care xD

Unknown said...

Wait a sec, is that Aya as in Aya or PLC Aya or... another Aya altogether?

Unknown said...

PS... What Bottle said--too bad her website is dead now :(